Le Pin

Le Pin ligger i Pomerol og producerer årligt 400-600 kasser af 1. vinen Le Pin.


Le Pin is one of the most expensive Bordeaux wines as well as one of the priciest wines in the world. Yet, it’s unclassified and its first vintage was only a few decades ago, The first vintage of Le Pin made its debut with the 1979 vintage. With that in mind, when you look at the history of Le Pin, it’s still truly a young Pomerol wine.

Leon Thienpont, the father of Alexandre Thienpont talked Jacques Thienpont into buying the 2 ha property for one million French Francs. In those days, that was a lot of money. With that purchase, Le Pin was born.

Le Pin is not a château per se, although it is often referred to as such according to Bordeaux wine naming traditions. Please be aware there is a Château Le Pin from Bordeaux AOC.

Ønolog og ejer Jacques Thienpont


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