Château Villemaurine

Château Villemaurine (Grand Cru) ligger i Saint Émilion, Bordeaux

Slottet producerer 1. vinen Château Villemaurine Grand Cru og 2. vinen Les Angelots de Villemaurine med udbyttet fra 7 ha vinmarker, der er beplantet med 95 % Merlot og 5 % Cabernet Franc.

Château Villemaurine is settled on beautiful underground cellars, which gave its name to the estate. Historically the name comes from a Roman called "Mauricius" who built this underground hiding place, or possibly from the Maures civilization who took refuge there when they were driven out of the Frank kingdom. Passionate about wine and winemaking, and a connoisseur of fine wine thanks to his background as a negociant, Justin Onclin sought to create his family vineyard holding and to make his very own great wine. His quest eventually took him to Château Villemaurine, where he immediately fell in love with the estate. Impressed with its enormous potential, he achieved his dream by purchasing Villemaurine in 2007. Located in the heart of Saint Émilion plateau, the property combines centuries of history and an amazingly promising terroir. The estate relatively small size means that all vineyard and cellar operations are tailor-made. Since its purchase, the property has been provided with a new cellar and vat room. Thanks to underground cellars, Château Villemaurine seems to be the perfect place to make high quality wines.

Even if the property was bought by Justin Onclin in 2005, he only took over the wine-estate from June 2007 onwards. He used all the technical means and made all the necessary investments to take the most from this magnificent soil ! The superb quality of the soil, the most advanced technical means and the great passion of Justin Onclin and his team for the top wines of Saint Émilion, are the major assets for the forthcoming high quality wineon this fabulous area, name Château Villemaurine. 


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